A University of Oregon study shows 25% of Oregon women and 21% of men say they won't get the COVID-19 vaccine. That would mean that too few Oregonians will get the vaccine to get the pandemic under control—Dr. Anthony Fauci recently estimated that as many as 85% of Americans will need to get vaccinated to prevent rapid spread. In last week's cover story, WW detailed four key demographics with high rates of vaccine opposition, including anti-mask Republicans and natural-oils-loving, naturopath-leaning liberals. Here's what our readers had to say: 

Mr. Logic via wweek.com: "From the city that is afraid of fluoride, this is not surprising. Science is not spoken here."

@marziah via Twitter: "Plenty of left-leaning science deniers, too. Their homeopath told them vaccines are full of toxins and they should do a liver detox instead or whatever woo is now fashionable."

@ItsAPandemic via Twitter: "As someone who loves natural oils and sends their kid to a Waldorf school, I can't fucking wait for the vaccine."

@RavynStadick via Twitter: "Waldorf-attending, vaccine-celebrating family right here."

Herb Kateley via Facebook: "Doesn't really matter yet. Most people can't get the vaccine due to classifications of persons, supplies and logistics. I think we need to concentrate on getting enough vaccines available and then worry about the naysayers."

Richard Broussard via Facebook: "They can stay home and keep their kids out of their Montessori schools until they do."

Lucille Beever via Facebook: "I think vaccine requirements in schools in the workplace and travel and health care, on and on, will be consumer driven.…Lots of people are going to take their business to places that demand COVID shots."

Nobody Special via wweek.com: "True herd immunity will require the whole world to be vaccinated. That's not going to happen soon, and may take decades. Also, Fauci keeps changing the goal posts on herd immunity. I think he was saying 60% at one time, now it's 85%. Or something in between. The bottom line is this: Get everyone who wants it vaccinated ASAP and forget about the rest. Indeed, once the old people get vaccinated, the fatality rate will become very, very low even without being especially close to 'herd immunity.'"

SJE via wweek.com: "For those who argue that the long-term effects of the vaccine are unknown, well so are the long-term effects from COVID-19 infection. Let's not even get into the real possibility of COVID-19 infection being used as a 'preexisting condition' for the insurance industry, health, life and disability, to exclude those individuals from coverage in the future."

Steve Tait via Facebook: "You choose: safe, effective lifesaving vaccine or ventilator and coffin."

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