Oregon State University Student Leader Was Plastering Racial Slurs on Car Bumpers, Arrested With Eugene Neo-Nazi

Andrew Oswalt has been arrested twice at Oregon universities for spreading hateful messages and carrying a concealed weapon.

An Oregon State University graduate student has ignited outrage on the Corvallis campus after stories in the student newspaper revealed his ties to white-power groups and efforts to introduce his racist views into OSU's student government.

Shortly after first the story published, Andrew Oswalt was arrested for plastering bumper stickers emblazoned with racial slurs on strangers' cars last week.

A previous arrest on the University of Oregon campus six months ago further links Oswalt to hate groups. He was wandering campus carrying racist fliers with three other men, including Jimmy Marr, a known neo-Nazi and Holocaust denier based in Eugene.

Oswalt, who is also a teaching assistant in the chemistry department at OSU, faces recall efforts to remove him from the student government.

He has spread racist fliers advocating against diversity and featuring images of hooded Klu Klux Klan members. He was also known as a provocateur in the student government, though the extent of his racist views and his allegiance to white nationalism had not been common knowledge.

"I stand by my statements," Oswalt told the student paper, The Daily Barometer, in an interview, "and they can throw as many -ists and -isms at me as they like, but those words have become functionally meaningless in today's society."