Willamette Week is Portland's go-to alternative media source for news, politics, arts and culture. WW produces a weekly newspaper, bimonthly culture magazines, major events and daily web content. We are a team of hard working individuals committed to making Portland a better place.

Creative Director // Full time // 

We are looking for a Creative Director to lead our design team, manage the production of the weekly newspaper and bimonthly magazines, and oversee all budgets for the art department.

The ideal candidate should be highly organized and able to tap into both left and right brain thinking while being comfortable working in a(n extremely) fast-paced environment. This position works closely with every facet of the business—it's essential that this person be an excellent communicator who can easily share ideas. They must have a vested interest in the Portland community with an understanding of local politics and culture. This person should be comfortable managing other designers, and delegating projects and tasks. It's important that the Creative Director follow the weekly budgets with an awareness of what the overall budget allotted to art and production for the year.


  • Design, direct and assign weekly covers.
  • Design, direct and assign contents of weekly paper.
  • Develop plan for utilizing art from print on to the website. Deep understanding of what’s compelling for print versus web.
  • Manage team of designers. Have an understanding of ongoing projects, while being able to prioritize effectively.
  • Work closely with pool of freelance artists and photographers. Comfortable seeking new talent, and communicating freelance assignments.
  • Keep up to date on design trends, and how to best display information visually.
  • Ability to work with strong personalities and willingness to brainstorm ideas, and hear out editors and writers (even when you disagree).
  • On occasion covering breaking news. (Working with photographers and the news editor to cover events in real time.)
  • Interest in working with social media, and taking art from print/web and utilizing it on Instagram, Twitter and other Platforms.


  • Advanced in the Adobe Creative Suite. (Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator)
  • Savvy understanding of new softwares, with the ability to pick up information quickly and work fast.
  • Excellent communicator. Open to sharing ideas and ability to ask for help, or clarification.
  • Strong organizational skills, and the ability to juggle multiple projects at once.
  • Ability to perform effectively and efficiently in a fast-paced environment.
  • History of working in editorial environment, or a similar field.
  • Love of Portland—willingness to dive deep into local culture to develop and keen understanding of the city.

Please submit a cover letter explaining why you think you'd be a great fit at Willamette Week. Please also include some examples of how you've managed teams and projects. Bonus points if you share a list of some of your favorite publications to follow. Applicants who do not provide a cover letter will not be considered.

Contact: Mark Zusman mzusman@week.com


Account Executive // Full time // 

Our advertising and marketing department offers various opportunities for local business and services to engage with our readers through print, digital and event based platforms. These platforms include a weekly print issue, annual magazines, events and digital opportunities such as social media, newsletters, web ads and sponsored content. We are currently looking to hire a new account executive who would specialize in offering these services to our clients. The position requires at least two years of sales and/or marketing experience, customer service, a pulse on current events, knowledge of how businesses reach their consumers via print, web ads, social media and other digital content based platforms. A candidate would need to work well under deadlines, have impeccable organization skills and be motivated by a commission based structure.

Email Mark Zusman mzusman@week.com for more information.