Bar Guide 2015: Bailey's Taproom/Upper Lip

213 SW Broadway, 295-1004, Noon-midnight daily. Upper Lip: 720 SW Ankeny St., 5-10 pm Tuesday-Friday.

Once nearly a desert for good beer, downtown is suddenly bumping with beer bars. Bailey's is still the best, distinguished by the friendliness and obsessiveness of its staff—no matter how busy, they'll tell you their favorites on tap right now—the always adventurous list, and the ability to get delivery of terrific tacos and burritos from across the alleyway at Santeria. Not surprisingly, it's far too crowded far too often, especially among the after-work crowd on early-evening weekdays. So ask about the Upper Lip, the secret second-floor bar accessible from the Ankeny alley. (We shouldn't tell you this, but if you click on the second floor of the building photo on the website, you can access the Upper Lip's tap list. Ssshhh.)

Entertainment: Watching the tap list screen with people tweeting about the beer they just ordered, then looking around the bar for the people drinking it.