2460 NW 24th Ave., 227-5384, nicolaistreet.com. 10 am-2:30 am Monday-Friday, 1 pm-2:30 am Saturday.

Envision your average old-Portland dive bar, then add a stripper pole. Situated on the edge of Northwest Portland's industrial district on, yep, Nicolai Street, the neon beer sign and lottery-machine-illuminated interior of Nicolai's offers all-day $2.50 PBRs and feels like it just might be the coolest place left in the city. It's filled with a mishmash of truckers and various other seedy, goateed types who could easily go by "Pauly." Exotic dancers take turns on a small, mirrored platform by the door, texting their friends while bent over in their lingerie on stage when the Washingtons aren't flowing. Go for the cheap beer and bar food, or just to listen to a trucker complain about the song choice of his favorite dancer, the bleach blonde who just took her top off to Sublime's "Date Rape," before he downs the latest in a series of cooled shots of Hornitos.

Happy hour: All day. $2.50 PBR; $6.95 burger, fries and soda special.

Entertainment: Exotic dancers, video lottery, pool, people-watching.