The New York Times' Tyson Evans on the Future of Interactive News

WW Editor Mark Zusman interviews the Times' deputy editor at TechfestNW

At TechfestNW, WW editor Mark Zusman interviewed the New York Times deputy editor for interactive news, Tyson Evans, part of the team behind that super-impressive (and Pulitzer-winning) "Snow Fall" piece about a Cascade mountain avalanche that garnered 3 million views during Christmas week last year. 

The two talked about the future of interactive news, hacking, the death penalty, why the NYT phone app isn't great (this is the pot calling the Lady gray, here), and whether the departure of Nate Silver from the New York Times was the worst thing to happen to the paper since the Jayson Blair scandal.

WW reporter Sara Sneath caught the interview on video on Saturday, September 7.