Editor's note: A new Portland apartment complex called Burnside26 has a marketing video featuring a young couple named Luke and Jess. It has been very controversial. Luke and Jess are not real, they are actors. Who really lives in Burnside26? Among others, WW contributor Tyler Hurst. We asked Tyler to tell us about life in yupster paradise.

Wimbledon Court
But we live in Burnside26. That, somehow, makes us different.
But what in the hell do you expect people like me to feel bad about? Liking new, modern apartment buildings? Earning more than minimum wage? Choosing to spend my money on housing and food instead of bars, clothes and trips? Not wanting kids or a house? Preferring to live and work in a small space?
We understand that this kind of service doesn’t come cheap, but we’re willing to pay. Not with our alleged trust fund, but with money earned from work earned thanks to skills we’ve spent almost half our lives working on. Should we feel bad about this, too?
My home is pretty rad. Sorry yours isn’t worth talking and making videos about.