Day 2
48-Hour Film Project
three teams we followed

But in this project, debilitating nausea, drop-ins from PPB and a drone (?) are all part of the creative process. Apparently $31.50 is the cost to fuel a Portland indie film crew, in tacos.

SATURDAY, August 1

1:08 am: TEAM WOLF's writers are drafting a script

8:01 am: The lead actress of LOVELY NUMB is throwing up, so the team’s wardrobe and makeup director Theresa Ritchie steps in to act.



Early: MAN VS FILM works out writing their parameters: Fish out of water for genre, bicycle part for prop and Cal or Cathy Coltrane, someone affected by the legalization of marijuana, for character.



9:45 am: TEAM WOLF is still writing...

11:55 am: The police arrive at TEAM WOLF's filming location, an abandoned market on Northeast 53rd Avenue and Glisan.


noon: TEAM WOLF explains itself to PPB and leader Erin Lyon and her crew continue filming.

Meanwhile: Erich Demerath, the veteran and award-winning leader of MAN VS FILM, ponders the script with Todd Robinson
Erich Demerath and Todd Robinson of MAN VS FILM


2:15 pm: LOVELY NUMB sets up outside The Watershed, an industrial arts space on Southeast Milwaukee and 16th Avenue

4:01 pm: The LOVELY NUMB crew eats $31.50 worth of tacos and burritos from La Sirenita. Then they start the makeup process for filming.
LOVELY NUMB stores their makeup in an old toolbox

4:32 pm: LOVELY NUMB Actor China Starshine (of Portland band SexyWaterSpiders) lights a blunt. 


Meanwhile: MAN VS FILM actor Timothy Levine looks lost somewhere on the streets of Portland

Timothy Levine of MAN VS FILM