6130 SE 82nd Ave., 503-954-2005, stumptown-cannabis.com/lents. 10 am-9 pm daily.

This brand-new, massive warehouse-turned-dispensary in Lents looks more like a lumber-drying kiln than a store. But ever since it finally switched over to recreational on March 4, the Lents location of Stumptown Cannabis offers two very useful amenities: ample parking and proximity to I-205. The waiting room seems to be still under construction, but once inside, the enormous dispensary offers a beautiful variety of flower and several cases full of topicals, glass, Juice Box dab rigs, Dynasty Genetics seeds and high-end concentrates and cartridges like Who? The flower is shown to you in large-mouthed jars, which makes it easy for inspection and sample smelling. Stumptown's sativa-heavy menu is organized by a massive laundry list of growers—Pistil Point, Seven Points, Primo—to help buyers locate and differentiate among flowers. Just remember to bring a sweater; it can be a tad chilly in that large room. YOS SHALLMAN.