Soup. It makes you feel better when you're sick and it warms you up when you're cold. Here are five Portland soups you need to try.

Dill pickle soup

$3.95 at Otto & Anita's

This soup is much better than it sounds, a creamy confection

of dill pickle, dill weed, onion and a wealth of butter— a bowl of creamy, briny goodness craved and revered across the Southwest Hills.

Brunswick stew

$6 at Tails & Trotters

This mid-Atlantic barbecue soup contains multitudes of pork—pork brisket, ham, pork-tomato stock—delivering so much meaty flavor it is nearly painful to let go of each sip.

Dumpling soup

$11.59 at Good Taste Noodle House

This mammoth basin can serve two—loaded with noodles, roast duck, roast pork, barbecued pork, and the no-frills shop's heavenly trademark pork-shrimp wontons.

Som-law Maju Krueng

$12.95 at Mekong Bistro

"Cambodia's favorite soup!" says the menu. It's a wild-tasting swirl of lemon(grass), lime (leaf), bitter-sharp watercress and tart-ass tamarind, and tastes like no other in town.

Kakuni Ramen

$11.50 at Yuzu, 4130 SW 117th Ave., Beaverton.

As Japanese ramen chains move in, Yuzu's kakuni bowl remains one of the areas's best—a giant bowl of grotesquely savory tonkotsu broth white with pork-bone marrow, dropped-in squares of tender pork belly and about a pound of al dente housemade rice noodles.