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A retired mail carrier moved an obscure struggle for health care coverage and overtime pay into the national spotlight.

Strikers tell WW that a large bus with tinted windows rolls into the facility each morning before 6 and enters through a gate that’s then closed behind them.

Jesse Dreyer was picketing alongside bakers’ union members on Monday morning when he alleges he was pinned up against a van and struck repeatedly by a Huffmaster security guard.

Police also kicked out strikers along the Union Pacific railroad tracks on Thursday after picketers blocked supply trains from coming into the bakery.

Portland’s members overwhelmingly shot the contract down. Their co-workers in other states overwhelmingly approved it.

“Should defund them and Oreos can pay their salary and pension.”

A majority of baker’s union members across the country must vote affirmatively for the contract to approve it.

A new wave of leftist protesters have joined the picketing workers—bringing with them intense new techniques that the striking bakers weren’t expecting.

The labor dispute follows years of Mondelez cutting employee pensions and halving its unionized workforce by closing bakeries in New Jersey and Atlanta.

In other news: Vacancy rates shrink again.