Tasha Miller

What if Romeo and Juliet were set in a fantasy dimension where the Capulets were demons and the Montagues were angels? Where the two houses were feuding over—the soul of rock and roll? This hypothetical plot begins to explain the concept of Star-Crossed, a vibrant, hilarious rock opera that fuses classic and metal hits with Shakespeare’s quintessential tale of doomed love.
  • August 16
In Radiant Vermin, a young couple are given the opportunity to become homeowners—for free. In return, they must simply become the first gentrifiers—move in and raise the property values enough to attract more people like them.
  • 6 days ago
Themes are made visceral with Frame’s set design, which manages to externalize Faust’s internal turmoil.
  • June 13
It’s the operatic equivalent of a Disney musical.
  • July 23
Flashbacks show the takeover of fascism in Weimar-era Vienna.
  • July 11
“Night Bus” seems to exist in its own wacky little world, and as an audience member you’re invited to spend an hour in it.
  • July 3
“Revolt” is a play about why we do things the way we do—because we’ve been told to do them a certain way; because they’re programmed into us.
  • June 6
Back to the Future, the Musical Parody is an exuberant, horny ode breathes new life into something very familiar.
  • September 6
When Sean Jordan moved to Portland in 2009, he quickly established himself as a mainstay in an emerging local standup scene. In 2014, he took the top spot in WW’s Funniest Five rankings. Then, like many talented comics who honed their craft in Portland, he left. Now he’ll be back Aug. 30 to record his first album, at Mississippi Studios.
  • August 30
Venus in Fur opens in a sparse office. Thomas (Jeff Gilberson), a playwright making his directorial debut, laments on the phone to his fiancee about the difficulty in casting a lead actress: “There are no women like this. No sexy-slash-articulate young women with some classical training and a particle of brain in their skulls?”
  • July 31