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In other news: Democrats begin looking at congressional seat.

“I’m still struggling to understand what their dynamic is.”

Another dispensary has opened in Northeast—under a different name—but owned by the principals of La Mota.

It’s unclear whether Aaron Mitchell and Rosa Cazares have found a new processing facility.

In other news: Washington Center’s fentanyl market gets boarded up.

“I also love that the OLCC’s interim director was ‘traveling’ and couldn’t answer simple questions. Maybe the state should buy him a phone with some of that $200M they budget for the OLCC to do…what exactly?”

Rosa Cazares threw a West Hills fundraiser for Fagan—and two months later, Fagan urged auditors to interview Cazares.

The state’s top Democrats are distancing themselves from the people Shemia Fagan is working for.

Police officers chased the weed baron and his nanny for 5 miles on the morning of Oct. 1, 2022.

The total pledged so far to various nonprofits and charities is $152,000.