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“This stage is a core and shell, with many additional internal features and utilities, and an external mural.”

The iconic Oregon playwright’s residency will last through 2026.

Joshua J. Weinstein stars in a new production from Artists Repertory Theatre.

It’s a compelling saga, not only because of Lucy Kirkwood’s writing, but because the actors inhabit their dramatic roles flawlessly.

Vibrant and beautifully bracing, Anthony Hudson’s production gets a kick out of messing with you.

Known as Portland’s premier drag clown, Carla Rossi is at once a trickster, a rich white lady from Lake Oswego and somehow still maintains bits of Hudson the artist.

The play is being staged at the Tiffany Center, where audience members are allowed to partake from a menu that includes fish and chips and whiskey.

The Fertile Ground Festival starts of Jan. 21 for 10 days of 44 workshops, readings and plays. In the middle of it, The Book of Mormon goes on at the Keller and Portland Center Stage opens Great Expectations.

Dog lovers, breathe easy: Local cheesemongers Foster & Dobbs (2518 NE 15th Ave., 284-1157, fosteranddobbs.com) are doin' their part to keep local pups melamine-free. Owners Luan Schooler and Tim W ...,Food Reviews & Stories

In his narrative The Accidental Connoisseur: An Irreverent Journey through the Wine World , Lawrence Osborne pens, "Taste is not learned out of books. It grows slowly and inexorably." A gr ...,Special Section