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It hums like a classic car, and in some cases like the Cars.

Jesse Bettis doesn’t just feature local talent on his songs, he allows them to make the songs theirs.

In 2013, the veteran Portland songwriter got stabbed in the side by an uninvited guest at his own house party. It was a particularly inopportune time for Bettis to suffer a grievous injury: At the time, he had just wrapped up the debut album from his latest project, New Move, a set of meticulously crafted pop songs he’d labored over for the better part of the year.

[CLASSIC POP] When it comes to songwriting, Jesse Bettis is an unabashed classicist. That was true of Oh Captain My Captain, his former band, whose widescreen pop drew upon Bowie, Queen and Radi,Album Reviews

Over time, does innovation move from the center to the periphery? New York Times tech reporter Nellie Bowles’ thinks the Portland tech scene brings to mind the social science question.

In California, communities are doing what the Portland Clean Energy Initiative wants to do—without charging a big new tax.

Now that Aminé has a triple platinum single and the Last Artful Dodgr is Instagramming videos with Mark Ronson and Christina Aguilera, it’s known across the country, if not the world, that Portland is a hip-hop powerhouse. But praise of the scene’s current wave is frequently marked by one minor blip that has major implications—the assertion that it’s surprising to see a rapper rise out of Portland.

Move over, pandemic puppies—bearded dragons are the new lockdown pet.

Last year it seemed like soft-serve ice cream was the new hotness, with Salt & Straw’s Wiz Bang Bar opening, and places like Basilisk and Nong’s Khao Man Gai

Last week, WW wrote about luxury apartment owners using an approach to attract new renters: offering move-in freebies like Amazon gift cards, Visa check cards, six weeks free rent and yearlong health club memberships (“Free Rent,” WW, Aug. 15, 2018). Here’s how readers weighed in.