The crowds gathering outside downtown courthouses on July 18 and 19 were as large as any Portland has seen in the past month.
  • July 20
“Two of these were thrown at us by a gentleman who disappeared back into the woods.”
  • 1 day ago
These nightly marches and confrontations with police have upended certainties about what can be accomplished in Oregon politics through protests.
  • July 8
The plan has drawn criticism because it may lead to “selective enforcement.”
  • May 30
Sunday’s protests draw the largest crowds yet.
  • May 31
Thursday and Friday nights mark the first time in more than two weeks that the three blocks surrounding the federal courthouse saw no tear gas.
  • August 1
Though much of his work vibrates with rage, he’s found equal inspiration in the community that’s formed around the demonstrations.
  • August 1
Here are photos of how the evening began.
  • May 30
Don’t Shoot Portland and the Wall of Moms allege the federal response violates protesters’ civil rights.
  • July 27
Last week's Frontline Drumline was hardly the first time Christian Burke has danced between clouds of tear gas.
  • July 29