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Public defenders have argued the Oregon statute is unconstitutional.

The incidents of vandalism, investigated by police but unsolved, occurred against a backdrop of growing pro-life militancy.

Nat West’s participation in the protests made headlines last July when his 16-year-old daughter, Beck, suffered permanent hearing damage from crowd control munitions fired at point blank range.

Burglaries are up 21% this year from 2019, rising from an average of 349 to 423 a month.

The crowds gathering outside downtown courthouses on July 18 and 19 were as large as any Portland has seen in the past month.

Members of the public can now request an officer’s identity by submitting a photo, partial name or license plate number to the law enforcement agency.

Daryl Turner said the union plans to sell the building after repairing it.

“Now that the air has cleared, protests will resume.”

What’s more surprising is that support isn’t much greater in the Portland metro area, where 61% of voters disapprove.