Burglaries are up 21% this year from 2019, rising from an average of 349 to 423 a month.
  • August 30
The crowds gathering outside downtown courthouses on July 18 and 19 were as large as any Portland has seen in the past month.
  • July 20
What’s more surprising is that support isn’t much greater in the Portland metro area, where 61% of voters disapprove.
  • September 10
“Now that the air has cleared, protests will resume."
  • September 18
Fritz encourages Portlanders to focus on the Black Lives Matter movement and stop the violence from all sides, including the Portland Police Bureau.
  • August 31
“Two of these were thrown at us by a gentleman who disappeared back into the woods.”
  • August 9
“I'd appreciate that either the president support us or stay the hell out of the way,” Ted Wheeler said.
  • August 30
These nightly marches and confrontations with police have upended certainties about what can be accomplished in Oregon politics through protests.
  • July 8
Rep. E. Werner Reschke is not alone in criticizing the response to Portland unrest, but he used a misleading picture to illustrate his thoughts.
  • September 6
The plan has drawn criticism because it may lead to “selective enforcement.”
  • May 30