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The farmhouse-inspired brewery putting a Pacific Northwest spin on French and Belgian styles turns 10 this year, and the Four Hands saison was named second-best brew in WW’s 2019 Beer Guide.

The ceremony was filled with surprises, a whole lot of rowdy drinking, and purple fringe.

After a year when most everybody feared Portland’s acclaimed beer industry would crumble under the burden of COVID-19 restrictions and below-normal sales, perhaps the last thing you would expect to happen next is a growth spurt.

Craft lager had a long, slow fermentation in Oregon. ENGELBERG PILSNERIMAGE: Matt WongJust a few years ago, it was rare to see a small-batch local beer descended from crisp Bohemians in the se,Beer Guide

Kurt and Rob Widmer, founders of Widmer Brothers Brewery and producers of the now-ubiquitous Hefeweizen, were part of a small group of pioneers that helped launch the modern craft beer industry in the mid-1980s. The duo were honored at the annual Oregon Beer Awards, held in front of a sold-out crowd at Revolution Hall in Southeast Portland on Feb. 18

The sixth annual OBAs may have been delayed by three months and pushed into the virtual realm, but that hardly dampened the raucousness of the ceremony.

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Your weekly Socially Distant Buzz List.