At least she can say she tried.

A Hayhurst Elementary School mom took a stab at playing the pop star, bursting into song—a reworked version of Adele's "Hello"—as part of her public testimony at the Feb. 23 Portland Public Schools Board meeting.

"They say time will fix us, but we've not seen the fix yet," she crooned to the board Tuesday night. "Hello. Can you hear me?"

Portland Public Schools, for more than a year, has been weighing how to address overcrowding at some schools and lack of resources at others.

The substantive complaint behind the lighthearted solo: The current proposal would keep the focus-option program Odyssey in the Hayhurst building for next fall, though the school is overcrowded.

Among the most contentious changes are the proposal to move Ainsworth Elementary's Spanish immersion program to East Sylvan as well as assigning Bridlemile Elementary students to Wilson High School from Lincoln.

Here's video of the song. Scroll to the 1 hour and 1 minute mark to watch the performance.