Brew Dr., Formerly Known as Townshend’s Tea, Is Closing All Its Shops

The company’s popular kombucha products will continue to be sold in stores and online.

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The pandemic has toppled a local tea empire.

Townshend's Tea, which opened its first shop on Northeast Alberta Street in 2006 and began operating under the Brew Dr. label last year, announced on social media that it would be shuttering all six of its locations.

Eater first reported the news.

"2020 has not been our cup of tea," the business wrote on Instagram. "The economic challenges of the past year have forced us to make the previously unthinkable decision to permanently close our teahouses."

Typical tea drinks took a backseat in the late aughts after the company launched fermented and carbonated versions of the beverage that's often consumed for health purposes. Matt Thomas told Eater that maintaining the shops after they reemerged from the COVID-19 spring lockdown became too challenging, citing revenue at 20% of what it was prepandemic. The loss of revenue finally forced him to let go of the brick-and-mortar cafes.

Brew Dr. Kombucha will still be available to pick up in grocery stores or order for delivery. There is still time to visit some of the shops—the Division and Mississippi locations have already halted service, but you have until Oct. 18 to hit Alberta and Eugene. The stores in Bend and Bozeman, Mont., may come under new ownership.

Online sales also continue with generous discounts until everything has sold.

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