Threshold Brewing Hasn’t Officially Had Its Grand Opening, but It’s Already Making One of the Freshest Hazy IPAs in Town

The bright and pungent Day Runner IPA smells vaguely of Portland's second-favorite intoxicant.

(Parker Hall)

Portland's newest brewery hasn't had its grand opening yet, but it already has two of the freshest hazy IPAs in town. Threshold Brewing and Blending, a 10-barrel Montavilla outfit that quietly unlocked the doors of its renovated body shop in early January, has three beers available for thirsty patrons while it finishes decorating: A tart grisette made with Norwegian Kveik yeast, and two IPAs that look like orange juice. All three are fantastic first efforts from ex-homebrewers and co-founders Jarek Szymanski and David Fuller, but it's the bright and pungent Day Runner IPA that stands out the most. A blend of Columbus and Ekuanot hops bring piny tar and tropical funk, finished by a tiny bite of freshly baked sourdough that makes your mouth water for the next sip, it smells like your hands would after an afternoon trimming Portland's second-favorite intoxicant. It's a welcome and decidedly West Coast interpretation of the style that melds classic lupulin bite with deep hop flavor, and just the sort of freshly brewed take I wish we got from newcomers more often. With a stout in the tank and a burgeoning sour program coming down the line—hence the "Blending" in the company title—I look forward to sipping Threshold's coming stylistic takes whenever the entrance gets thrown wide open. Recommended. 

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VISIT: Threshold Brewing & Blending, 403 SE 79th Ave., 503-477-8789. 3-9 pm Wednesday-Thursday, noon-10 pm Friday-Saturday, noon-7 pm Sunday.

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