Buoy Beer Has Opened a Pop-Up Pub in Astoria Following Its Building Collapse

Meanwhile, neighbor Fort George is launching a Bier Pier outside its production facility on July 4.

Buoy Beer’s taps are flowing once again following its devastating building collapse along Astoria’s Riverwalk nearly two weeks ago.

This past weekend, the brewery began serving customers at the Astoria Food Hub, a center for wholesale and direct-to-eater businesses situated in a historic 27,000-square-foot structure just a short walk from the original pub. The center is still undergoing renovations, but a number of businesses have already opened there.

The pop-up currently serves beer, cider, wine and mimosas, and you can pair those beverages with packaged sandwiches from Gaetano’s Market and Deli or outside food. In the coming weeks, Buoy will begin expanding its menu, which will include seafood classics like fish and chips and chowder, once the kitchen is set up.

“We are so grateful for the @astoriafoodhub welcoming us into such a great space so that our community has a place to gather with our team through the summer,” the brewery stated in a Facebook post. “So come get a glimpse of the new space and have a beer—the best way to support us this summer!”

It’s still unclear if or when Buoy’s primary facility located on a pier above the Columbia will reopen. Part of the former cannery suddenly caved in on June 14, damaging the warehouse, which holds production machinery, goods and brewing equipment. Fortunately, nobody was inside at the time—the pub was closed on Tuesdays.

Meanwhile, another popular Astoria brewery has expanded by extending seating out into the river. Fort George’s Beer Pier will make its public debut on Monday, July 4. The structure is located outside of the business’s newer production facility about 1 mile west of the Duane Street pub.

Fort George tells WW that the pier was already there when it purchased the property and very well maintained by the previous owners.

Riverside drinking in Astoria is already a popular attraction, whether you’re gawking at the bellowing sea lions or bobbing harbor seals, watching bar pilot traffic, or nursing a can and a fishing pole on Pier 39. To make its dock a little more customer friendly, the business has installed light poles along the perimeter, added picnic tables and made some minor improvements to the entry.

When it’s open—likely weekends only—Fort George will operate a taco truck on site. The Independence Day kickoff party starts at 5 pm, includes live music, and will end following the Chamber of Commerce fireworks show.

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