What's Oregon's New Favorite Cannabis Strain?

Is your favorite everyone's favorite?

Last week, Leafly released an infographic called "The Fastest-Trending Cannabis Strain in Every State (and D.C.) in 2016," using data from strain searches all over the country.

What are Oregonians looking for? Pineapple Express. Is that because we like our weed with a side of James Franco? Probably. It's all that nostalgia for a time when we had to go on whacky adventures to procure some weed.

Actually, Pineapple Express is a hybrid, the child of Trainwreck and Hawaiian, that according to Leafly, leaves you "happy" and "uplifted." So, exactly like a Seth Rogen-James Franco movie.

Washington users went safe with Blue Dream, the fastest trending strain in the study and the winner of nine states. California also picked a popular one: Gorilla Glue #4, winner in five states.

Most states prefered sativa-dominant strains to indicas, maybe because most people like to remain awake when they can.

Leafly says they "determined the fastest-trending strain in every U.S. state by looking at which strains surged in popularity in each location since the start of 2016."

You can read all about the infographic here.

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