Japanese watchmaker Citizen is one of those rare brands that is able to balance extremely high craftsmanship with actual middle-class prices and not have the result look chintzy or boring. I got a solar powered Citizen Eco-Drive from my dad as a college graduation present a long time ago and it still serves me faithfully, and you should do the same for someone important in your life for the holidays.

Yes, it is still illegal to touch your smartphone while driving, on penalty of $1,000 fine. Save almost $990 for the next five hours (or while supplies last) on this universal, gravity-activated smartphone mount from Lamicall.

I live in an old apartment building that is at all times hotter than the surface of the sun, but back in my college days I lived in an apartment so cold that we'd spend every spare moment in bed, literally watching TV and eating most of our meals under covers like animals because of how bone-chillingly cold it was in the fall and winter.

If that situation sounds familiar and you live in a drafty shitbox, make your life warmer with a heating pad from Sunbeam. You can drape it over yourself, toss it in bed before hopping in or just kind of have it around, so you don't catch pneumonia while watching TV.