We Hid Easter Eggs With Prizes Inside Eight Blue Willamette Week Boxes!

An Easter egg hunt for adults!

Easter is the worst holiday for grown-ups—there's no drinking tradition, no day off from work, no presents. This year, we tried to help a little. We hid eight plastic Easter eggs in blue Willamette Week boxes around Portland. Follow the clues below to find each location.

If you figure out the clue, look on the roof of the box. Inside, you'll find a plastic Easter egg fastened to the top. Each egg is full of sweet prizes, and we're not talking jelly beans. Among the prizes: a $50 gift certificate to Ecliptic Brewing, four tickets to the Hollywood Theatre, and tickets to TechfestNW. Happy hunting!

1. Kids in green and yellow sip seasonal shakes / 15 blocks up from the place with steamy cakes

2. Outside Kurt Russell's favorite pizza joint / The street where new parking meters are a flash point

3. Near New York pins, struck not pinned / By sub sandwiches that get you thinned

4. There's a rooftop bar on this grocery store / Your chances of getting this first are rather poor

5. Where Amtrak and Greyhound lay their claim / Look toward the street with a Japanese name

6. Near Portland's best pro ball / Outside a chain burrito joint that took a big fall

7. Salvage parts decorate this biker bar / From which Fifth Quadrant is not far

8. A bakery named for a train station / Your prize is at the Southwest location