Donald Trump Tells Oregon: "In November, We Are Going to Carry Your State"

Here are 11 of the most provocative things Trump said in Eugene.

Donald Trump says he will win Oregon in November.

Appearing before a crowd of thousands in Eugene, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee gave a characteristically rambling and braggadocious stump speech, implying that he would bring back timber jobs and declaring that he make winners of a state "ripped apart by joblessness and hopelessness."

It was Trump's first campaign appearance in Oregon, and he spent little of his time directly addressing the state, except to praise its greenery and decry the decline of the timber industry, which he said had been "hammered by federal regulations."

The Eugene Police Department estimated 4,387 people attended the rally—and while hundreds of them were protesters, no one was arrested.

With both his remaining rivals for the Republican nomination suspending their campaigns this week, Trump sharpened his attack on likely Democratic nominee Hillary Rodham Clinton.

The center of that barrage was a broadside against former President Bill Clinton's philandering, which Trump said was abetted by Hillary Clinton: "She was the worst enabler."

Otherwise, it was a familiar performance: Trump celebrated his stunning series of primary wins, railed against a "rigged" primary system that had thwarted Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-Vermont), and coined a new, disparaging nickname for Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Massachusetts): "Goofy Liz."

Here are 11 of the most provocative things Trump said, starting with his prediction that he will carry Oregon in November.

1. "In November, we are going to carry your state. Some people say it's inclined toward the Democrats. And then they tell me, 'Mr. Trump, you have something we've never seen before. You're going to win this state.'"

2. "Oregon's being ripped off also. Timber is a huge industry in Oregon, but it's been hammered by federal regulations. Rural Oregon has been ripped apart by joblessness and hopelessness. Other than that, you're doing great, right?"

3. "Nobody in this country, maybe in the history, was worse with women than Bill Clinton. He was a disaster."

4. "Have you ever read what Hillary Clinton did to the women who had affairs with Bill Clinton? And they're going after me? Bill Clinton was the worst in history, and I have to hear from her about it? She was the worst enabler. What she did to those women is disgraceful."

5. "Do we have a protester? Oh, helllllllllo. Get the hell out of here. Go home to mommy. Go home to mommy."

6. "I love our protesters. The only way we get the cameras to turn around and show all our people. Wow."

7. On the "rigged" primary system: "You ever see? Sanders wins. Sanders wins. Sanders wins. Sanders wins. And then they say: Sanders can't win.

8. On Hillary Rodham Clinton: "To be honest with you, I want her to win. Because the last person she wants to see is Donald Trump."

9. "You have thousands and thousands of people outside. Please, please, Mr. Fire Department: Let them in. There's plenty of exits. What's going to burn? It's a concrete floor."

10. "You're going to cast that vote next week. Then you're going to cast that bigger vote in November. And you're going to say it's the greatest vote you ever cast in your life."

11. On life under a Trump administration: "You're going to call me and say, 'We can't stand it. We're winning too much in Eugene, Oregon.' And I'm going to say I don't care."

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