Welcoming the Homeless

I have lived in Parkrose for more than 13 years, belong to the neighborhood association and have two children, and I am excited about the proactive and positive approach to the homeless ["Homeless Heaven," WW, Aug. 4, 2016].

I have gotten to know Portland Police Officer Jason Jones and Historic Parkrose director Mingus Mapps, and I love the philosophy of helping those who have stumbled and need a hand to get back up.

Parkrose has an opportunity to help these people get back on their feet, to get identification, to get cleaned up, to become a productive part of society again.


This sucks for us homeowners and will continue to suck. Garbage, drugs, rodents—and these people are on a water source—that will only be more compromised by people living there.

Parkrose is going downhill because of it all. I don't know any homeowner in our neighborhood who likes what is going on. Parkrose has a big problem, and our safety is being compromised.

Incidences are rising, and now my children aren't allowed to go to our neighborhood park thanks to drugs, unsavory behavior and camping. The city and our police force need a new level of thinking about this.

—Paula Noel Macfie

OK, so this Gilligan fellow works or trades for his drugs? I cannot help but believe that the majority of drug users are thieves by necessity, whether by stealing goods or services.

By allowing this to continue, isn't it called "enabling"?

—"You Gotta Be Kidding Me"

Regulation of Pot Industry

Portland's micromanagement of the marijuana industry has never made much sense ["Nipped in the Bud," WW, Aug. 3, 2016]. It would be easy to jump to the conclusion that this was little more than a power and money grab by city agencies—and yes, a tool for those still trying to dictate the morality of others.

Legal is legal and should be treated as such. Coffee shops on three of four corners isn't a problem to the city. A row of gift shops isn't a problem, yet dispensaries must be spread out?

Sure, I don't want my commercial district to be all pot shops. Then again, I don't want it all coffee shops either, and nobody has felt the need to regulate that.

—Jeff Snavely

Shut down Portland's extra layer of bureaucracy, stop charging duplicative fees, lay off all the local marijuana regulatory staff. Let the state system do the job, but pay attention to be sure the state is being fair, cost-effective and efficient.


Trump Coming to Portland

Oh, but we must be present! ["Donald J. Trump Is Coming to Portland This Month," wweek.com, Aug. 4, 2016.] I wholeheartedly believe we should represent Portland for Mr. Trump the same way we welcomed Misters Bush and Cheney.

—Chaela Ferguson

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