You Don't Have to Pay Your City Parking Meter Until 8 AM Tomorrow Because of the Snow

Snow in Portland means the laws get a little Grand Theft Auto.

Snow in Portland means the streets get a little Grand Theft Auto.

School is cancelled, a driver crashed into a yoga studio, it's taking some drivers five hours to get home and people are abandoning their cars—turning the Burnside Bridge into the world's slowest obstacle course and Portland into the laughingstock of the milk states. Some Portland Public School buses were still dropping students off at 9 pm last night.

The Portland Bureau of Transportation has extended amnesty to cars legally parked in City meter districts from today at noon to Friday at 8 am, to encourage people to leave their cars and take other transportation to get home safely.

According to the National Weather Service, the snow is supposed to thaw, but very slowly. New snow showers aren't expected this evening, but there's a chance that if the snow melts, it could freeze overnight.

You can find maps and rate for all the meter districts here.

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