Dead Crows Were “Falling From the Sky” In Northeast Portland Yesterday, May Have Been Poisoned

People near MLK BLvd. were reporting dead and fallen, seizing crows to the Audubon Society yesterday.

Things got very apocalyptic in Northeast Portland yesterday.

Dead birds were literally dropping from the sky.

The Audubon Society of Portland says they started getting reports of crows "falling from the sky" around Martin Luther Kind Blvd and NE Jessup Street yesterday afternoon. Some of the birds, witnesses say, were dead while others were seizing on the ground.

In total, the Audubon Society and Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife counted 10 dead crows in the multi-block radius, and one in the downtown Park Blocks.

Apart from being dead, Portland Audubon said in its statement, the crows "appeared to have been in good physical condition […] and in absence of disease or injury."

The conservation group will be testing the crows to determine the cause of death, but it hypothesizes poison is the likely culprit. It's also asking that anybody who finds a dead crow call the agency to report it.

"We advise the public to NOT handle dead or sick crows," yesterday's statement reads. "If this is a poisoning event, there is potentially a risk to both pets and wildlife that might scavenge the crows as well as to humans that may handle the crows. Dead crows will be tested."

A reward of $1,000 is being offered for any information about the potential crow killer.

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