City Commissioner Chloe Eudaly Moves to Delay Changes to Portland’s Neighborhood Associations

Council was scheduled to consider changes to neighborhood associations Nov. 14. Now, they'll just get a report.

In the face of vocal opposition from neighborhood associations—and a lack of support from her fellow city commissioners—Commissioner Chloe Eudaly has announced she's delaying a scheduled vote on changing how Portland City Hall recognizes neighborhood associations. (The vote was scheduled for Nov. 14.)

“In order to conduct the level of engagement required, and in light of the fact that I will be out of the country for the next two weeks, I have decided to present the proposed code changes as a report on November 14th,” writes Eudaly in a Sept. 24 Facebook post. “This will allow Council more time to consider the facts and have a public conversation before taking a vote on a final package.”

(Why is she out of the country? Eudaly, who is the city's transportation commissioner, will be participating in a congestion pricing study tour in Europe, put together and paid for by Bloomberg American Cities Climate Challenge, her office says.)

Eudaly said in her post she's not backing off the proposal but giving herself more time to engage with the community on the criticisms that have been raised.

"In making this announcement, I want to be very clear that I intend to see these policy changes through to completion in a timely manner," she wrote. "The changes proposed by Committee 3.96 reflect a transformative vision for the City's approach to civic engagement and deserve fair consideration. We can no longer claim to believe in equity but refuse to update the code accordingly."

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