A recent survey found slightly more Oregonians ages 18 through 34 identify as socialist than capitalist.

The recent survey conducted by Portland polling firm DHM Research aimed at assessing "the values and priorities that younger Oregonians place in an economic system and their overall perceptions of socialism and capitalism."

It polled 400 Oregonians via an online survey and found that 29 percent identified as capitalist and 30 percent identified as socialist. A larger majority, 41 percent, identified as neither or were unsure.

The survey also found that more Oregon men than women identified as capitalist and that people who made $50,000 or less annually were significantly less likely to respond favorably to capitalism. 60 percent of Democratic respondents wanted to see America become more socialist, while 18 percent of Republicans surveyed wanted to see the country move towards socialism.

"People of color think socialism is better for their own well-being at a higher rate than white people do," the survey adds.

In Portland, the local Democratic Socialists of America chapter has seen significant growth in the last three years. WW reported in May 2018 that the Portland DSA chapter had grown from five members when in started in November, 2016, to 800 in 2018. DHM's study indicates that the number of dues-paying Portland DSA members has now grown to 1,300.

"Among younger Oregonians," the study noted," socialism has gained traction and favor while the reputation of capitalism has flagged."

The study focused specifically on economic perspectives among young Oregonians. It noted that Portland's population has grown around 12 percent since 2010 and that roughly 25 percent of the city's residents are between the ages of 20 and 35.

Mark Shuholm, president of Northwest Polymers, a Molalla-based plastic and vinyl recycling center, funded the study. Shuholm did not immediately respond to WW's request for comment.