Don't freak out yet. But there's a chance of snow in Portland next week.

Weather forecasts show snow arriving on Wednesday, Nov. 27 and again on Friday, Nov. 29. The National Weather Service Portland has also advised people traveling on Thanksgiving to prepare with chains or snow tires.

Jon Bonk, an NWS meteorologist, says the agency still "has very low confidence on what's going to happen."

"The big challenge is that there are a variety of weather models," Bonk says, "and a few bring snow potential but that seems to be the minority at this point."

Bonk adds that it may not be clear if it will snow "until the day it might happen."

"[Portland is] right on the ragged edge of where cold air is coming down from Canada and the colder parts of North America," Bonk says. "Most of the data we're seeing says it won't be snowing, but we're not absolutely positive of that."

If the city is blanketed in white next week, though, we've got your itinerary ready.