Latest Effort to Recall Gov. Kate Brown Falls Short, Oregon Republicans Announce

The state GOP said it came within 1% of the signatures needed.

A 2019 rally at the Oregon Capitol against a cap on carbon emissions. (Justin Katigbak)

The latest effort to recall Oregon Gov. Kate Brown has fallen short of gathering the necessary signatures.

The Oregon Republican Party announced the shortfall this afternoon.

"To our great disappointment, the Stop the Abuse – Recall Kate Brown campaign has fallen 2,796 signatures or less than 1% short of the minimum number of 280,050 signatures required to qualify to put a recall of the governor on the ballot this fall," said Republican Party chairman Bill Currier.

"It is the highest bar for petition signature gathering in our state's Constitution and has definitely been an uphill struggle during the COVID-19 pandemic, along with other obstacles," Currier added.

Generally, campaigns have to collect significantly more signatures than the minimum requirement in order to have a sufficient number of valid signatures.

The Republicans noted their previous effort to gather signatures had relied on events that Brown had canceled this year because of the pandemic. They also faulted a change in the law by the Democratic majority.

"Also, due to an arbitrary and cynical change in the law by the Democrat supermajority-run state Legislature between the 2019 recall and the one in 2020, the ability to freely download and pre-print ePetition sheets to provide to voters was severely reduced," says Currier.

Two other petitions were filed this year to recall Brown. Last year, the Republican Party competed against another effort and fell short. No campaign during Brown's tenure has gathered the necessary signatures to put the recall on the ballot.

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