Progressive Advocates Overhauled Portland Government. But Can They Stave Off the Business Lobby?

The winds of change are howling, y’all.

CHANGE: Backers of Measure 26-228 celebrate its passage last November. (Michael Raines)

Today we’re chatting with Sophie Peel about her cover story this week, “Rise From Chaos,” which breaks down what exactly is going on behind the scenes as City Hall prepares to be metaphorically reduced to ash. That’s per the wishes of Portlanders, who voted overwhelmingly last fall to just absolutely freaking overhaul the government, which—yeah, obviously most of us agree is very necessary. But what we voted to do is wild, and we’re heading into uncharted territory, so buckle up.

The winds of change are howling, y’all. Not only is Portland’s city government gearing up to get wrecked, the Dive is gearing up for a hiatus of its own.

You may have heard me mention a couple few times that I wrote a book. It’s called Altogether Different, and it’ll be out in stores Oct. 17, with a big launch at Powell’s on Nov. 8. You know, podcaster is not even my job, and it is not journalist (which is a common misconception). Because actually my job is just…book.

So let’s kick off the countdown to my big pivot with my antepenultimate guest Sophie Peel, who’ll dish on what level of chaos we might expect come election season.

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