Restaurant Guide 2013: Olympic Provisions

1632 NW Thurman St., 894-8136,

[MEATY MEAT] Salt and meat go together like Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton on "Islands in the Stream." Olympic Provisions knows this, and so it compiles those two ingredients into scrumptious little carnivorous treats. If you've never sampled OP's cornucopia of cured meats, that must be rectified, my friend. The restaurant side is just as good, an airy space located on a mostly industrial lane under the Fremont Bridge with a menu that diverges slightly from the Southeast location. While the entrees originate from spots across Europe, the Teutonic offerings may be best. The choucroute garnie is a mound of roasted sausage and ham stacked between fingerling potatoes and sauerkraut. It's glorious, but it's not even OP's most popular item, a title which belongs to the rotisserie chicken. Maybe someday science will prove animals have souls and feel all the emotions we feel. I will then regret feasting upon them at Olympic Provisions. Until then, keep the meat mountains coming. 

Ideal Meal: A French board for the table, avocado salad on the first course and finally, choucrote garnie with a side of Brussels sprouts.

Best Deal: A half rotisserie chicken, which isn't quite a steal at $19, but it's the cheapest entree on the menu, and it will taste marvelous.

Pro-Tip: If you sample the salami, be sure to ask for Saucisson d'Arles. It's just meat and pork. It's the Joe Montana of salamis.

11 am-3 pm Monday-Friday, 5-10 pm Tuesday-Saturday, 5-9 pm Sunday, brunch 10 am-3 pm Saturday-Sunday. $$$.


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