Beer Guide 2014: Kindred Spirits

Hometown spirits to pair with hometown beer.


McMenamins Father-Son Campout

McMenamins' barrel-aging program offers a rare treat: father-son campouts. Hogshead Whiskey was distilled from a McMenamins beer base; pair it with beer, such as last autumn's Widowmaker Imperial Porter, that was aged in the used whiskey barrels. Even better? Try rum barrel-aged Night Court Barleywine with the brewer's Three Rocks, an aged sipping rum whose barrels housed Hogshead before they housed the rum.

Stone Barn Hard Eight Unoaked Rye Whiskey and Hair of the Dog Blue Dot

Rye is a heat-filled and bitter spirit—like an early-failing marriage. And for a white-dog version, Stone Barn's has a lot of complexity. Get it with an imperial IPA—such hometown fave Blue Dot—to match the intricate bitterness tit for tat, while providing floral sweetness as both friend and foil.

House Spirits Krogstad Aquavit  and Breakside Aquavit Barrel-Aged Braggot  

Another family affair—but it's not as creepy as it sounds! Breakside's beer picked up some spice—anise in particular—by aging in Krogstad barrels. A bracing accompanying shot of the pure aquavit calls out those spicy flavors even more sharply, while the beer's honeyed sweetness tempers the heat.

Burnside Double Barrel Bourbon and Deschutes Black Butte XXV

Burnside doubles up on the oaking with its double-barrel, and you'll want a nice smoky beer that can stare it down. This year's anniversary Black Butte is perfect: a deep-throated, barrel-aged, chocolaty quaff that nonetheless doesn't overdose on bourbon heat. A worthy complement. Try a nice smoked porter if available, as well.

Aria Gin and Upright Pure Wit

Surely we jest? Not really. A lot of Belgian-style beers have floral notes that complement well the botanicals in the gin. And here? The dryness and coriander and orange zestiness in both make them perfect kissing cousins, provided you can find the wit.

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