Free the Animals: Restaurant Guide 2014

Our picks for excellent vegetarian and vegan fare.

Bar Avignon: Meatless small plates outnumber those with animal protein on the menu's "Finger Food" and "For Sharing—Or Not" sections.

Bete-Lukas: Bete-Lukas offers a seven-item vegetarian menu, with five collected into a vegetarian combo for $11.

Dar Salam: Vegan and gluten-free items are noted on the menu, and there are many at this standout Iraqi restarant.

Departure (525 SW Morrison St.): High atop the Nines hotel you'll find an extensive, separate vegan menu. Chef Gregory Gourdet's semi-annual vegan dinner is also a hot ticket.

Enat Kitchen: Enat's meat menus are extensive, but the vegetarian menu is eight items thick and available as a five-item combo for $13.

Mi Mero Mole: The menu offers five vegetarian and vegan guisados, from mushroom tacos to asparagus and potato.

Nuestra Cocina: Vegetarians and pescatarians will fare better than vegans, as most of the meat-free dishes feature either cheese or prawns. Standout meat-free starters  include the grilled goat cheese in banana leaves with pumpkin-seed salsa, and the mixed greens with mango, jicama, pumpkin seeds and avocado. 

Olympic Provisions: For a restaurant so in love with animal flesh, Olympic Provisions boasts a surprising number of meat-free options—mostly salads and roasted vegetable plates, but also pasta and gnocchi.

Portobello Vegan Trattoria: At the all-vegan trattoria, get a bistro burger made of beets, a tartare also made of beets, or a steak made of portobello.

Roost: Roost's starters and salads are mostly meat-free, and there's always at least one vegetarian entree, such as farro with creamed spinach, sauteed mustard greens and shiitakes.

The Sudra: This new Indian—by way of a yoga mom's rice bowl—restarant inside the Ocean pod is 100 percent vegan, from zucchini-squash kofta to chickpea cutlets.

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