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Dispensary Review: Cannabis Country Store

If Battle Ground's new Cannabis Country Store sold John Deere tractors, it would be perfect. Hell, even a green-and-yellow bong would up the ante.

Outside, a sign that's styled like an old corner saloon tips you off to the country store theme. But inside it's amazing how much this shop has done to continue the theme, from the moment you get your head through the door and are asked to "make yourself at home" by a clerk in what seems to be a semi-authentic country accent.

The large room is done up in classic Wild West style, with wood paneling, comfy red couches and a little Toby Keith on the stereo. In a ballsy new twist, you can use both cash and plastic here.

And there's plenty to buy. This Country Store has 60-plus strains in stock, plus edibles, tinctures and a wide selection of glass paraphernalia in jewelry cases. Like other shops in the newly competitive recreational weed scene, they're running street-price specials, like $10 grams of Agrijuana's OG Kush.

Constructive criticism? The place needs more deer heads, a few wooden barrels full of pickles, maybe some cannabis-infused beef jerky and a raffle for that green-and-yellow tractor mower, which they should display in all its glory in the middle of the floor. 

GO: Cannabis Country Store, 1910 W Main St., Battle Ground, Wash., 360-723-0073, cannabiscountrystore.com.