Nike Picks Washington County for Expansion

Nike has picked Washington County for a planned major expansion, selecting property it already owns over Portland's South Waterfront.

Portland had been in the running for Project Impact, which promises to create as many as 6,000 new jobs in the coming decades. Julia Brim-Edwards called the Mayor Charlie Hales at 2:15 pm today to say they were going with Washington County, Hales' spokesman Dana Haynes tells WW.

Until that phone call, the mayor's office did not know Nike's decision. "I had written drafts saying yes we got it, no we didn't, and I don't know," Haynes says.

In a statement, Hales expressed disappointment in Nike's choice.

"The site offers a unique opportunity for Portland to create an urban corporate campus," Hales said. "It's a 30-plus-acre site, on the riverfront, connected to a public transportation system and – hey, it's got a view of Mount Hood! If there's a better urban site for redevelopment in America: Show me."

WW first reported in December that Nike was eyeing Portland as well as considering expansion on its own campus.