Pearl District Neighborhood Association Doesn't Want Homeless Camp Under Broadway Bridge

The Pearl District Neighborhood Association has sent a letter to City Commissioner Amanda Fritz, objecting to her plan to relocate homeless camp Right 2 Dream Too under the Broadway Bridge.

WW reported Tuesday that the camp's lawyer, Mark Kramer, said the city told him last night that a deal to move the camp had crumbled.

The agreement would move Right 2 Dream Too from Old Town/Chinatown to underneath a bridge ramp blocks from Pearl District condo towers.

The Oregonian first reported the letter from neighborhood association president Patricia Gardner. The letter dated today, says the camp would violate city fire codes, zoning codes and public health codes.

"The City should not enable unsafe and unhealthy living environments for any person by ignoring the codes of the state," Gardner writes. "The city should also not trade one legally problematic site for another."

Garner also takes Fritz to task for violating a principle the commissioner holds dear: public process.

"We have been told that a public process was specifically avoided on this issue as there would clearly be opposition to the plan," the letter says. "That is not how this city is supposed to work. It may have been the de-facto manner of business for previous administrations but it was wrong then and it is wrong now."