Slow Bar

533 SE Grand Ave., 230-7767, 11:30-2:30 am daily.

With its exposed bricks and minimalist setup, Slow Bar might be mistaken for a quiet locals spot on New York's Lower East Side…that is, until you see the cocktail list that includes a fantastic Manhattan for a mere $6. This is a no-nonsense bar through and through, with a laid-back staff that's happy to eschew the cocktail menu for something tailored to you and mixed up with mixologist care by a tatted barkeep who couldn't give a shit about designer bitters. Pair it with the bar's world-famous burger, a half-pound, onion ring-topped beauty that now has its own restaurant in the form of Slow Burger. Somehow, though, it doesn't taste as good outside Slow Bar. AP KRYZA.

Happy hour: 3-6 pm Monday-Friday, midnight-2:30 am Sunday-Thursday. $1 off drinks, $2-$5.50 bar food.
Entertainment: TV, jukebox.