So, you want to submit an event to Get Busy, WW’s online calendar? That’s great! See below for a step-by-step guide on how to do it.

How to Submit an Event

  1. From, click the “Add Event” button in the top right corner. If you have never submitted an event with us before, create an account. If you have, sign in to your account.
  2. Click “Create Event.”
  3. Fill in basic info under “Set Up.”
  4. Fill in detailed info under “Details”. “Short Summary” is the brief overview to hook in people. There is a 160 character limit. “Main Description” is all the details on what your event is about and information you want people to know. This can be as long as you need.
  5. Add images and video. You can include media that showcases your event. You are welcome to add up to 10 images and one video. Keep in mind all images and videos will be cropped to fit 1000 x 540px.
  6. Fill in ticketing info under “Tickets”. You are welcome to include different ticket prices.
  7. Submit your event by hitting “Promote your event”. Then please standby while an admin reviews your event to be considered for our calendar.


  • What if my venue isn’t listed? You can create a new venue by going “Locations” and then hit “New Location”. Fill out the form and submit. From then on, you and other users will be able to create events at that venue for future listings. Keep in mind, your venue might already be listed, so please check beforehand to avoid duplicates.
  • What if my category isn’t listed? Our categories are decided by our editorial team and cannot be changed. You are welcome to add more specific details about your event in the “Main Description”.
  • What does Specific Date vs. Series of Dates vs. Ongoing Date Range mean? Specific Date refers to an event that happens on one day only (eg: January 1, 5-9 pm); Series of Dates refers to an event with recurring dates (eg: January 1, 5-9 pm; AND January 2, 2-6 pm; AND January 3, 10 am-5 pm); Ongoing Date Range refers to an event happening over the course of multiple days (eg: January 1, 10 am–January 3, 5 pm)
  • How do I know if my event has been approved? Please allow us at least two weeks to review your event for approval. You can always check the status of your event by logging in and going to the event you created and then “Promote,” which will tell you whether we have approved it or not.
  • Can I get additional promotion for my event? Yes! We offer advertising opportunities specifically to promote events on our calendar. Please contact and we’ll send you over details on how to get your event better seen and heard by the WW audience.

If you have additional questions, please contact us at