How do I submit an event to the Willamette Week Calendar?

To add an event:

2. First, search the calendar to see if your event is already listed—many events will be added automatically if they are posted on Facebook or a venue web page. If it's not listed, click [ + Add Event ] in the upper right corner:

3. Sign Up or Sign In.

4. Now, you should see a form pop up on the right when you click [ + Add Event ]

5. Put in your info.
– If your location is not on the drop-down menu, see Step 8.
– A note on date/time: If the event is recurring (i.e.. a play running every weekend in November), please do not input the final date as the "end day." Instead, make the event recurring (See Step 9).
– Ignore the [Short Summary] section, leave that blank!
– Remember to add photos

6. Click [Save Event] at the bottom.

7. If you want to see your events, click on the [ My Account ] icon and select [ Manage Events ].

8. If your location is not on the drop-down menu, click on the [ My Account ] icon and select [ Manage Events ].
– Select the [ Locations ] tab on the left side of the screen
– Click the [ New Location ] button
– Add the information (you do not need to add a description. Phone, Facebook and website are great)
– Click [ Create Venue ] at the bottom
– SceneThink admins have to approve the venue before it shows up on the site. E-mail if you need it asap, but please be patient if you can.

9. How to make a recurring event: After you have created the event, find it on the calendar or under My Events and click on it.
– If the event happens at the same time on multiple dates, select the 2-arrow symbol on the upper right
– If the event happens at a different time, select the 1-arrow symbol. This will duplicate the event. You can now input a new time. Remember to save the event by clicking the [ Save Event ] button at the bottom.

Scenethink 6
If you’re having any issues with events, please contact or

You may also e-mail your event information to the appropriate editor, as listed on our calendar page. If you're uncertain where to direct your event email, please email the Arts & Culture Editor at and your email will get where it needs to go.

We ask that you submit event info two weeks in advance of the event so we can plan coverage. Print space is limited and all event copy appearing in print is written by Willamette Week; online submissions for events that appear in print may be replaced on the calendar with reviews or previews written by our writers.