Cultural appropriation is not what caused these inequalities in the first place.
  • 4 hours ago
What could go wrong?
  • 1 day ago
It's mastermind, Matthew Lucas, translates his own subtitles and cuts his own trailers for movies that have never seen an American movie theater.
  • 1 hour ago
"At the end, Johnny says 'Stay gold, Ponyboy, stay gold.' If I had only copyrighted that phrase."
  • May 16
Agnes (Jessica Tidd) and Valerie (Jessica Hillenbrand) are two ex-strippers who go to pro-life conventions posing as prostitutes, kill the men who hire them and then write about it on their blog. They’ve just shot Rodney (Blake Stone), and now they’ve propped up his corpse so Valerie can film Agnes moving his lips while voicing over “Holy fucking shit, I love fetuses.”
  • 6 days ago
A new Tom Cramer mural will take its place: “If he wants to paint the exact same thing there, it’s his choice.”
  • 8 hours ago