"The weirdest thing I've seen is this guy who walks around downtown in a gigantic, towering clown suit."

"The weirdest thing, well, I've only been here for 10 hours, and I've seen some really cool mushrooms."

"Weirdest thing I've seen was this naked dude riding on a moped with his dog in a milk crate on the back."

Left: "I saw someone taking a shit near a school." Right: "That's a really good question—probably this one time I saw this guy puking, with his buddy helping him from behind, holding his stomach."

"The weirdest thing is these two people in clown suits that ride around on high-rise bicycles with balloons."

"The weirdest thing I've seen are those free spirits on that corner over there—never seen anyone just chilling in a pink unicorn costume before."

"Weirdest thing I've seen is probably the Darth Vader dude on the unicycle."

"The weirdest thing was a random theological discussion with a very well-dressed little person—ended with us at Voodoo Doughnut."