Street_Samuel-Gehrke_Cindy_4324 Cindy: “I’m from Queens, N.Y. I moved to Portland for dance and to check out the West Coast.”

Davey: “I was raised in Southern California. I moved up here with her (Timbre) to be closer to her grandparents. Plus I really love it up here.” Timbre: “I grew up in Hong Kong, and we recently moved up here from California for my grandparents, as he said.”

Michael: "I'm from Memphis, Tenn., originally. I'm visiting Portland for an extended stay, and considering living here eventually."

Street_Samuel-Gehrke_Mark_4324 Mark: “I grew up in Phoenix, Ariz. I came up to Portland for school.”

Street_Samuel-Gehrke_lydell_4324 Lydell: “I’m Portland born and raised. Sometimes I think about moving to Los Angeles. They have a better sneaker culture.”

Street_Samuel-Gehrke_Jenny_4324 Jenny: “Born and raised in Portland. I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else!”

Cye: "I grew up in Oxnard, CA, and I moved to Portland for the weather and the trees!"

Street_Samuel-Gehrke_Cole_4324Cole: “I grew up in Sherwood and moved to Portland when I was 18. I lived on the East Coast for a couple of years, so I could see myself moving back there at some point in my life.”