"I moved to Portland to flee Seattle before it sinks into Puget Sound."

"I moved here to finish school at PSU and ended up staying. I've been here for five years now and have an awesome job."

"I moved here to be with the one I love and reclaim a sense of earthly belonging."

"I moved here from Miami for school and to get away from Miami."

"My heart belongs, and thrives best, in the forest."

"I was ready to start a new branch in my life. I moved from Iowa because I needed a change."

"I've lived here all my life! I love it here because it's environmentally friendly with good air and clean water, as well as being walkable and a community with nice people. I want to stay here to build my business and network before I'd even think of moving anywhere else."

"I moved to Portland to escape the brutal winters in Chicago."

"I moved here from Colorado for tattooing. The art and music here were a big draw."