Hop heads, weed freaks, cider guzzlers and yeast lovers all get a taste of something new this week, as two new breweries (one new new, the other in a new location) launch their latest creations, Belmont Station closes up its 20th anniversary shenanigans, and Coalition partners with EastBurn for one heck of a 4/20 feast.

In between those, you'll be able to try the teeny tiniest breweries in the region at a lovable old-school bottle shop, and guzzle a steinload of German-inspired beers at Baileys.

Thursday, April 20

Beer Belly 4/20 Dinner


Five CBD-inspired courses, including pan seared wild boar sirloin join Coalition's lineup of CBD-infused ales this evening, in a non-psychoactive weed-themed dinner that will have you feeling calmer than you have in ages—or snoozing—by the time you reach the slam-bang hopped biscotti finish. EastBurn Public House, 1800 E Burnside. 6 pm. $65.

Closing Ceremonies at Belmont Station

(Bridget Baker)
(Bridget Baker)

Belmont Station closes up a week-long celebration of two decades in business with a special 4/20 themed taplist that includes Lagunitas' Waldo, Sixpoint's Puff (a hazy, unfiltered version of its acclaimed Resin IPA), and Laurelwood's Megafauna. Sadly, there's nothing with actually weed in it on draft, so smoke 'em before you get there—if you got em. Belmont Station, 4500 SE Stark St. 4:19-8 pm. Free.

Friday, April 21

Nano Beer Fest

Every year John's Marketplace—the old-schooliest beer market for hard-to-find and exotic beer—hosts a fest for the tiniest breweries around, which are sometimes also the newest breweries around. This year, you should be especially stoked for Hop Haus out of Camas, Wolf Tree from down the coast, and beers from a complete unknown: Brewery 26, whose first beers were brewed April 5. John's Marketplace, 3535 SW Multnomah Blvd. 2-10 pm. Free.

Sasquatch Grand Opening

Long the best brewery in suburban Hillsdale, Sasquatch brewing takes a big hairy step to the increasingly populated brewery corridor in NW Portland—home to the new Breakside location, and soon to be home of the second Great Notion facility—to compete for more die hard beer fans. Featuring 22 taps the new location will be the home to a bigger barrel aging program, and will give the brewery the opportunity to explore more lagers. This evening's festivities will showcase three new beers—a kolsch, and amber, and a graprefruit IPA—as well as a hopped cider from the company's New West brand. Sasquatch Brewery, 2531 NW 30th Ave. 3-10 pm. Free.

Saturday, April 22


As it has done every year for seven years, Bailey's Taproom will devote its whole taplist to Oregon-brewed German-style beers. That means smoked Helles, American kettle variations of the gose, lagers, weissbiers, altbiers, schwarzbiers, pilsners…boy, the Germans sure do make a lot of beer. Bailey's Taproom, 213 SW Broadway. 12 pm. Free.

Little Beast Launch Party

Former Logsdon Farmhouse Ales head brewer Chuck Porter shares two of the first beers from his Beaverton-based Little Beast brewing, both showcasing his (rightly) acclaimed yeast-driven work at the Hood River enterprise. Delicious sausages will match the suds. OP Wurst, 3384 SE Division St. 5-8 pm. Free.