Hot: Cheapie pre-rolls

Hey, we all know pre-rolls tend to use lower-priced parts of the plant, and that the pre-rolls that don't are wasteful compared to a bong. That's why everyone likes cheap pre-rolls. Sell one for $5 and we're stoked. $6.50? OK, not too bad. We don't want a $10 pre-roll, though—especially if it's all flower and weighs a full gram.

(Thomas Teal)
(Thomas Teal)

Not: Cheapie oil vapes

Cheap vapes are a concern right now—some people have found they're smoking plastic, and in other cases vapes have literally exploded. Vape cartridges use a wick to absorb the liquid cannabis extract and deliver it to the chamber. If the wick is made of cheap material with uneven absorption, or if the pen is stored upside down, you could be smoking string.

Hot: Pre-rolls that look like regular cigarettes, complete with filters

A few high-end farms are starting to make these—including Portland's own Eco Firma and Washington's Sitka. We find them to be discreet luxury at its finest. It's nice to have a filter so that you never end up with little bits of leaf in your mouth, and it's nicer still to be able to slide one of these babies into a pack of smokes and bring it anywhere.

Not: Huge, heavy "portable" loose-leaf vapes

We know it's possible to make small, light, hyper-functional vaporizers, thanks to companies like Pax and KandyPens. So why is anyone even trying to make and sell devices the size of a Zack Morris cellphone?VapeHot: Rosin

For tokers looking to keep the more natural taste of flower or hash but wanting something stronger, there's rosin. Made at home with parchment paper, a hair straightener, an oven mitt, a low table, elbow grease and weed that's at least pretty good, rosin is now being fresh-pressed in dispensaries. With THC concentrations running around 60 percent, it's a far more balanced option than 80 percent hash oil.


Not: BHO

There are a lot of ways to make concentrated

hash oil. Butane is one, and when done right it's totally safe, but we're feeling increasingly weird about using a highly combustible solvent to strip plant matter of its cannabinoids when there are so many other greener, cleaner and less potentially explosive methods.


Hot: Xurros

There's this new spot called 180 that makes authentic Spanish-style fried dough, with gravy-thick hot chocolate to dip it in.

(Bridget Baker)
(Bridget Baker)

Not: Doughnuts

They're like xurros for Donald Trump's America.

Hot: Super-high-CBD strains

Yeah, OK, these barely psychoactive strains are mainly for old Bohos and the chronically ill. But they're also super-relaxing, and if you blend them into a high-THC strain, it'll ward off paranoia. We like them, so fuck off.

Not: The new Indoor Clean Air Act

On Jan. 1, the state seriously clamped down on indoor smoking and vaping, running out of business at least one private cannabis club that existed solely for the purpose of smoking. The anti-science attitude of vape scolds is sad and sickening, but there's little we can do until it's time to vote the bums out.