This is earthy and piney with a high that starts at the eyebrows and rings the head. We found ourselves captivated during Man of Steel, but weren't too couchlocked to pace the room questioning why in the hell we were watching a meh Superman flick.

Hazel-Pie-(Durga-Garden)HAZEL PIE

First you get an orange-velvet whiff, a note of skunk in the grind, and a pecan-pie richness with citrus on the smoke. The high expands out from temple to ear and then around, providing a clear, deep-focus high—perfect for reading a novel or watching a complex fi lm.


It looks like weed from the Tim Burton universe, smells of lavender, and has almost purple notes on the grind. It's a slightly lifted high, but mostly at the shoulders—recalling essential oils in a massage room. It won't put you to sleep, but also won't help daytime productivity much.