Jager, the sticky sweet green German digestif of bros and kings, is not my idea of a good time. But Jager, the sticky sweet green bud strain, most definitely is.

An 80/20 Indica dominant hybrid, this strain is also sometimes as "Jr." or "Jgr" in the weed biz; like many weed strains its exact provenance is unknown, though it's thought to be a genetic cross of Hindu Kush, Blue Dream and LA Confidential.

Jager smokes like a dank, green fairy, with notes of nori and licorice up front followed by a spicy, tasty Szechuan pepper tingle. The strain's .23% THC comes on lightly spinny, but not freaky-outie. I tried this as a pre-roll from Kings of Canna, and 20 minutes after smoking I'm stoned but not incapacitated, heady but not a headcase, and happily able to complete an involved baking task—although I did at one point misplace the vanilla extract.

If all the high CBD strains we've featured recently make it feel like you're drinking decaf, try some Jager, bro.

Jager is available at The Kings of Canna, 1465 NE Prescott St Suite C, $12/gram.