Don't leave a clean mug to chance. Here are four products that will keep you looking and feeling fresh throughout the day.

Pacific Shaving Co. Single-Use Minis
Pack of 40 for $8.99

As a semi-frequent traveler, I’m always trying to find ways to decrease the bulk of my toiletry bag. Those little sample cans of shaving cream tend to take up the most space. For something available at a number of national chain stores, Pacific Shaving Co. makes great shaving cream. These little pouches dissolve into a silky lather with just a bit of water and provide an easy shave. Packing a few in a small sandwich snack bag is my new standard.


eShave Pre-Shave Oils
$20 for a 2oz. bottle

Shaving oil has become my other travel necessity. It moisturizes existing facial hair and acts as a great primer before a shave, while doubling to help skin after. It's a compact bottle and fits carry-on requirements too. eShave has a few different scents available, so there's something for just about everyone. Vitamins and antioxidants in the formula are an added bonus.

Purpletale Long Story Short

4.4 fl oz. for $44.99

When this Korean lotion arrived in the mail, I wasn't sure what to expect. It claimed to be a one-stop shop for face care enclosed in a design-forward box with a clever name. I gave it a week's run and was fairly impressed with what it did post-shave. It moisturized, nourished and left a great scent with no grease. I'll admit, it's expensive, but when you consider how much you may be spending on other products combined, it's a bit of an easier pill to swallow.

SteelMclean Sport Culture
$25 for an 8.5oz. bottle

There are a number of caffeinated face washes on the market now and I've jumped on the bandwagon. The variety of botanicals and nutrients in this bottle are powerful and give you a little extra jolt coffee can't do alone. I use it daily in the shower as a protector against oils and grime over the course of the day.

Nivea Men's Active Clean Charcoal Body Wash
$10.74 for a 3-pack

I'm not a fan of fancy body washes with high-end ingredients. I do believe, however, in finding one that actually makes you feel clean after a shower. The charcoal in this gel draws out grime and sweat and leaves a nice scent in its wake. The perfect wash after a good workout.


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